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Breed Health

Please contact the Eurasier Society Breed Health Coordinator Junior Hudson for help and/or further information.

The Eurasier is generally a healthy breed, thanks to the ongoing efforts of the German Eurasier Clubs and clubs in other IFEZ countries. It is vitally important that the health checks advised by these clubs continue to be carried out to ensure the good health of the breed. It is especially important that any Eurasier being considered for breeding is tested for all the main health problems known to be present in the breed that may have a genetic element.

It is especially important when introducing a new breed to a country that these health checks are done on any Eurasier that is being considered for breeding, so as to give the breed the best start. It is also an advantage for breed records, to test dogs that are not going to be bred from, so that a more accurate overall picture of the health of the Eurasier can be obtained.

The health problems that are required to be tested/checked for are:

•    Hip Dysplasia (BVA or similar)

•    Elbow Dysplasia (BVA or similar)

•    Patella Luxation (on the non-anaesthetized dog)

•    Eyes (Entropion, Ectropion, Distichiasis)

•    Thyroid problems (full thyroid panel; 4 values including TgAA)

For information on the above health problems and the checks required do have a look at this extract from our Newsletters. It may also be advisable to check for other potential health issues, depending on your dog’s ancestry, the Health

Coordinator will advise.

All Eurasier owners

are encouraged to carry out these health tests and to send the results to the ESUK Heath Co-ordinator. By doing so you will be making an important contribution to our understanding of the health of the Eurasier population in the UK and worldwide.